50 GB Free Online Storage Space from Box.com

I just had to let everyone know about this awesome deal so you can jump right on it. Box.com is offering 50 GB Free for a limited time. An exclusive offer from Dell delivers a home run with that much online data storage.  I guess with all the completion, Box.com had to do something drastic to attract consumers. They sure did it in a big way!

I am not sure how long the deal will last so sign up for your free account today!

Some things to keep in mind with Box.com is that they are a reliable, reputable company that has been around for a while. They have some nice features and offer decent paid options as well. On the down side with the free plan you can only upload smaller size files (250 MB) and they don’t offer video streaming on with the free plan. I was hoping to upload all the videos I have collected from my android phone since Box has a Smartphone app you can share files to the account. When I found out that the videos don’t stream and you have to re-download it was disappointed.

All in all it is worth signing up for, they are a strong player in the cloud computing world and are offing a nice amount of storage space. Two other service providers that offer that much storage if you want to check them out are Mediafire.com and Adrive.com.

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4 Responses to “50 GB Free Online Storage Space from Box.com”

  1. today i need 50GB but i get only 5GB?

    • the 50 gb offer ended soon after the post. opt into my offer and you will recieve a list of companies and what amount of storage each offers. Their are others that have 50 GB of space but limited features.

  2. how to signup get 50GB?

    • The 50 GB offer for BOX is over. their still are some companies out their that offer 50GB but with limited features. opt into my page and you will get a link to see which companies offer what amount of storage.