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Sharing your data online is important and necessary for business and personal use alike. There are many services competing with one another to gain your patronage. The mainstream services are cloud computing services such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Dropbox to name a few. There is a fairly new file sharing software service emerging as a reputable contender. You should check out CX Cloud. They have a unique interface which allows for a more seamless method of sharing and they also allow you to create groups. The amazing groups feature allows you to segregate a project you are working on with others or simply create a family group so you can share pictures and have your own communications with the important people in your life.

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It is different from other cloud service providers because it has a dedicated group’s area. Furthermore, unlike FaceBook, the feature within cloud computing file sharing software allows you to share with only who you want. FaceBook and other social media outlets are not as autonomous with your data. Once you post or share the photo or other personal information on a social media site most times it is seen by more people than you care to have seen it. With online file storage in the cloud, the data remains secure and when you share for example a photo you choose who sees the file and when. CX cloud can be found at They also have applications for most every platform.

cx cloud file sharing software
Another nice perk is they offer 10 GB for free to start you off with. The only catch is they want you to log on at least every 15 days to keep your free account going. It is a little tough to find the link to the free service so I will provide It HERE. The Free plan has 2 groups, 2 users per group, and a 200MB group size limitation. They also offer personal and business plans above the free plan. The paid plans offer more storage space and ability to add addition groups among other things. Personal plans seem reasonable. The business plans seem pricey but it offers a great alternative if you like or need the groups and sharing features. The storage space is comparable to most other cloud services out there.

Check out CX cloud to see if works for you.

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3 Responses to “File Sharing Software”

  1. Today’s a version to share any thing in rapid speed and if the internet slow down than it is a very difficult task to share anything. Because every people need some information and if this information is not having this person, they gather it with shared some one.
    So the file sharing tool play important role to share anything.

    • I agree, it is so easy to do and when i share files with people they are amazed and always ask how did you do that or say that is great can i do that?

  2. One may even try using GoMeetNow file sharing tool. If there is an internet outage, transferring files automatically resumes upon restoration of internet.